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What is Shungite and what is it good for?


I am so excited to share what I have learned about the SHUNGITE charcoal stone. I have applied Shungite charcoal to several new products I will be rolling out throughout the next several months.

Shungite is an astonishing electric stone. It comes from North West Russia. This ancient stone is believed to be 2 billion years old... thought to be a meteorite that hit the earth 2 million years ago. Shungite was formed when there were no other life forms on earth, found deep within the earth’s crust. The main deposit of Shungite comes from the Zazhoginsko field, which is one of the largest fields of shungite rocks in the world.

Raw Shungite Stone
Raw Shungite Stone

Composed mostly of carbon, (the building blocks of life), Shungite is the only natural mineral to contain Fullerenes.

What are Fullerenes? They are tiny nano size, spherical shaped molecules. They contain 60 carbon atoms in the shape of a soccer ball (shape has power) known for its impressive free radical scavenging benefits. Fullerenes neutralize harmful pathogens, viruses, and noxious chemicals, that most of us are exposed to in our daily lives.

For many thousands of years in Karelia Russia, the regional people knew and understood the healing properties of the Shungite infused waters. People from all around, came to soak in the Shungite mineral infused rivers. Even Czar Peter was known to have soaked in these healing waters.

It was not until 1985 that Fullerenes were discovered in the Shungite rock. Professor Robert F. Curl Jr., Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto, and Professor Richard E. Smalley won the Noble Prize in 1996 for this discovery.

On a personal note: Fullerenes in their natural state are superior and are not found anywhere on earth except for in the Shungite stone. However, Fullerenes are being engineered in laboratory's for industrial use and health demands.

The name Fullerene was coined from Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic design. Another nickname for this nano shape is Buckeyballs.

Look for my new products containing Shungite on my monthly news blast:

Shungite Toothpaste, Facial Mask, Soap and Shampoo.

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