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Microneedling for restoring new hair growth

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Has the thought ever crossed your mind; How do trapeze artists swing by their hair? It has crossed my mind many times. Pulling the hair by the roots in a pretty dramatic way to up the circulation and transport many essential nutrients to your hair roots, however I would never expect too many people would hang from their hair! Ha ha.

Most people have very sensitive scalps and are unaware of the value of stimulating circulation throughout the scalp.

For decades I have passionately researched for the best way to achieve the most and effective systems to grow more hair. Men and women have different reasons for hair loss however, both experience hair loss. Men have male pattern loss and women usually have thinning on the hairline, with loss at the front.

I set-out researching the most effective ways to stimulate more hair growth and soon discovered the micro-needling process and I will say that it does indeed make a difference.

Let me share with you why it makes a difference. Have you ever heard of wound healing?

During my research into stem cells, I came across; wound healing and Micro-needling.

Micro-needling creates tiny perforations in the skin (superficial wound) which initiate a natural healing response. These perforations cause a healing cascade that produces new collagen and elastin and keratinocyte stem cells that activate under wound healing conditions caused by a microneedle dermal roller. Isn't that exciting!!

I have applied these principles with wonderful results. Micro needling requires only to be done once a week. Do not be overzealous to get results. You should think of this as you would gardening, it will take time, as nature does. Moving this process faster than advised will not help and only aggravate the skin.

Micro needles are sold online, most are the same. I recommend the hammer variety for hair as it does not tangle in your hair as the rollers do. Don't let the word 'hammer' scare you, it has a very flexible handle and so it sort of gently 'tap tap taps' your scalp. Also, you should keep your micro-needle hammer clean after every use, soak the hammer in a small glass of rubbing alcohol to sterilize it before and after each use.

You also need to replace your micro-needle hammer once every two months. Needles get dull.

It’s important to use the 1.5 mm needle length derma hammer for hair specifically.

1.5mm significantly boosts the production of endothelial growth factors for hair, as it reaches the hair bulge region. Such derma rollers for hair growth are the most effective. 0.5mm and 1.0mm are good for the face and body respectively.

Order your Seven Star Dermal Hammer here:

After using the Hammer, your scalp is now prime for absorption. I created three products that will have a vital transformation on the potential growth of new and more hair; Hair Grow Oil, followed by Shungite Shampoo with Herbal Hair Wash. You can get all 3 as a system Here.

Hair Grow Oil: Rich in minerals, antioxidants; increasing blood flow, corrects the pH.

Shungite Shampoo: radical scavenging benefits; neutralizing harmful pathogens, viruses, hazardous frequencies. pH balanced, nutritionally rich shampoo

The Hair Wash Tonic: is made with herbs that consist of bioflavonoids. This has the power to return more of your natural hair color and lessen grey hair and encourage more hair growth. (More on this in my next blog.)

Activating stem cells in the hair bulge area under wound healing conditions caused by the derma roller, results in a firmer, healthier scalp. Invisible micro-perforations stimulate cells called keratinocytes that activate the production of new collagen by stimulus, rather than damage.

Choose one beauty day out of the week and keep a calendar to remind you to give yourself this activation treatment. Truly does not take long to do and results are worth it.

This combination is a powerful, natural, scalp and hair food, and is likened to an omnipotent, natural fertilizer for your garden, awakening the life force!

If your hair is damaged, I would include LK Daily Radiant Rinse as well, to use with this system.

If you do not already own a Tek/Widu Brush, I highly recommend that you purchase one. This natural fiber hand crafted brush; is unique and is a very important tool to help with circulation, removing dead skin cells and polishing the hair.

A brochure comes with this activation system; to guide and direct you in how to use the products and micro roller.

Please keep me posted as to your results. If I can help answer any questions, please write me.


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