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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Hair Grow System

I have an exciting hair grow system to share with you; Activation / Solution / System;

Seven-Star Micro-needling Dermal Hammer (Sold Separately)”, “Hair Grow Oil”, “Shungite Shampoo", and “Hair Wash Tonic


Micro-needling for rejuvenating new hair growth. I have found this research stimulating, completely interesting and very effective.


Also, please read the descriptions of the three products I am recommending for this significant; Hair Grow System Treatment.


During my research into stem cells, I came across wound healing and micro-needling.


Activating stem cells in the hair bulge area under collagen induction therapy conditions caused by the micro-needling hammer, creating tiny pin-prick punctures along its path, leaps it into healing action; Invisible micro-perforations, stimulates cells called keratinocytes that activate the production of new collagen by stimulus, rather than damage. With this much stimulation, blood quickly rushes to the scalp and becomes ( a proven ) delivery system.


It’s important to use the 1.5 mm needle length dermal hammer for hair specifically.


1.5mm significantly boosts the production of endothelial growth factors for hair, as it reaches the hair bulge region. Such derma rollers for hair growth are the most effective. 0.5mm and 1.0mm are good for the face and body respectively.


Seven-Star Dermal Hammer sold separately, order here:


After using the Dermal Hammer, your scalp is now prime for absorption. I created three products that will have a vital transformation on the potential growth of new and more hair; Hair Grow Oil, followed by Shungite Shampoo with Herbal Hair Wash.


Hair Grow Oil: Rich in minerals, antioxidants; increasing blood flow, corrects the pH.


Shungite Shampoo: radical scavenging benefits; neutralizing harmful pathogens, viruses, hazardous frequencies. pH balanced, nutritionally rich shampoo.


The Hair Wash Tonic: is made with herbs that consist of bioflavonoids. This has the power to return more of your natural hair color and lessen grey hair and encourage more hair growth. (More on this in my next blog)


This combination is a powerful, natural, scalp and hair food, and is likened to an omnipotent, natural fertilizer for your garden, awakening the life force!


If your hair is damaged, I would include LK Daily Radiant Rinse as well, to use with this system.


If you do not already own a Tek/Widu Brush, I highly recommend that you purchase one. This natural fiber hand crafted brush; is unique and is a very important tool to help with circulation, removing dead skin cells and polishing the hair.


A brochure comes with this activation system; to guide and direct you in how to use the products and micro roller.


Please keep me posted as to your results. If I can help answer any questions, please write me.


Hair Grow System

  • "I've been thinning since I was 25, I've tried everything! I am now 39, and have been derma rolling for nearly a year now, combined with this system it has worked wonders! You can FEEL your scalp being activated. It feels nourished, softer and more vibrant. I have restored almost all of my hair at this point with a little thining in the back still, but it's coming a long nicely! Amazing system."
    - Seth. , MT


    "Hi Linda, thank you for sharing the details on how to use your products for hair growth! OMG, it made a difference, I can't believe I am seeing more growth after using this system 3 times a week for two months. Definitely keeping this up!"
    Thank you, - Debbie. LA.

    "Hey Linda, I thought for sure I could not get any hair back on my thinning hairline. It's coming in, slowly but surely. Thanks for encouraging me to keep it up, when I wasn't going to. It took 2 months but now I feel there is hope."

    Thank you, - David C. CA.

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