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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products

Bio Harmonics

Why Bio Harmonics?

"It is not the natural beauty products in your life, but the life in your natural products"

We are all organic living life form. What we eat and apply to our skin and hair must be full with life as well. It is simply not just a matter of natural ingredients in cosmetic formulas, but a harmonic mixture of an essential balance: ingredients that are vital and attuned to each other as opposed to an aggressive combination of ingredients that are poorly amalgamated and will quickly decompose without a chemical preservative.

Not all natural active cosmetic ingredients can be formulated together to constitute a vital, balanced cosmetic formula.

Natural, active ingredients that are not stable together, will quickly perish.

From many years of research I have found that many commercial cosmetic products impose the use of chemical preservatives for added shelf life.

I personally do not consider the use of chemical preservatives the correct way to extend the life of a natural cosmetic product.

On the contrary, in my opinion, they mummify the cosmetic product.

It may look stable and in fact smell okay, but actually it is on its way to becoming a toxic soup.

What I have come to learn about holistic, active, living ingredients, is that they must exist in a harmonic balance to sustain the life of these active ingredients and in so doing generate a vital cosmetic product never requiring the need for harsh chemical preservatives.

Harmonically balanced implies a true, healthy, nourishing, life giving beauty product that simply requires natural organic preservatives, such as, "Citrus acid" or "Olive leaf extract" to sustain a rational shelf life.

For a happier, healthier life.

- Linda Kammins

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