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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products

About Linda

"Your hair is a garden"


Rooted in the understanding that hair is a living consciousness unto itself, Kammins created her line of “Bio-Harmonic” beauty products to nurture and nourish the face, the body and the hair, in all-natural, aromatherapy-infused luxury.

With 37 years in the Beauty business, Linda owns and operates “Linda Kammins Aromatherapy Salon” famous for its homemade oil treatments that stimulate the scalp and render clients’ tresses thick, shiny and gorgeous, naturally. Kammins is a proponent of daily brushing and 10-minute scalp massages, as well as an outspoken anti-conditioner advocate. Her line of aromatherapy-infused hair-care products is clean, pure and phenomenally effective.

Linda's natural approach has made her a regular guest on KPFK’s “The Aware Show” interviewed and published in Magazines such as Self, Mademoiselle, Allure, Los Angeles Magazine & Recipient of LA Weekly’s “Best of 2010” for Hair Care.

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