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What’s new at Linda Kammins Salon - July 2018

My latest post on Facebook and Instagram is my new hair color discovery; I taught myself to use diatoms; to improve the symmetry and beauty of one’s hair color and texture.

As you know I use plant enzymes and panels to color hair, this has given me the ability to achieve, brilliant natural shades.

Well, recently it occurred to me that diatomaceous earth (fossilized shells of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms) would supply a structure to my colors by creating natural lattices, the color would lay out perfect and evenly.

Even more exciting is applying diatoms to my Hair Paintings (Balayage). I can now lift highlights to the very lightest shades of blond without experiencing swelling or seepage due to the activation of high lift plant enzymes and bleach against the hair.

Diatomaceous earth creates a stabilizing structure. The color or bleach is absorbed by the diatoms, organizing principle. Thus, the color (tint or bleach with plant enzymes) reliably assembles; from the base of the hair to the ends.

Nutrients such as silica, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, and other trace minerals are accessible from diatomaceous earth and are building blocks to healthier hair, assisting to naturally seal the hairs cuticle. Revealing stunning color and exceptionally shinny hair!

Take a look at our latest salon photos of our new hair color technique on our Instagram: @lindakammins

Before and After. Client’s hair had not had a color or cut in many months. Started with a good brushing (Widu brush) on wonderful dirty hair. Polishing the hair by brushing in the natural sebum, followed with: Natural, free-hand, hair-painting (Balayage), utilizing plant enzymes & oils, nature's diatoms, and a high quality bleach, for natural, sun-kissed highlighted look. The “Hair Garden” is hydrated, shiny and reflecting light! #beforeafter #hair #highlights #blonde #balayage #natural #aromatherapy

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