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Why Doesn’t My Hair Grow?

Why doesn’t my hair grow very fast, you ask? Let me explain for those of you who have tried to grow your hair, but never seem to experience any significant growth. Well, I have news for you. Your hair is an extension of your body and is a living fabric. To understand your hair you must think like an experienced gardener and how he identifies with his garden. When a tree has many dead branches it robs the tree of life force; once the dead branches are trimmed correctly the tree can thrive directing its life force in support of the strong healthy branches. Hence, in a short amount of time the tree grows quickly and more lush.

It is very much the same approach for the woman or man, wanting to achieve longer, healthier hair. You must trim the lifeless, dead ends of your hair thoroughly to accomplish increased length. Two and a half months without a hair trim will cause the vulnerable brittle ends of the hair to snag, stretch and frizz. Once the ends have been trimmed, the elasticity and tensile strength of the hair returns. This hair trimming method is known as, "The Hair Balance System". This technique is very meticulous process and requires skill. Integrating the hair trim during a "New Moon Cycle" phase encourages rapid hair growth. Time and again I receive happy reports from clients who adhere to this process.

The "New Moon Cycle" is when the moon is in its waxing phase (when you can barely see the moon in the night sky.) This is the time that farmers choose to sow their seeds and trim their trees. The "New Moon Cycle" (for a "Hair balance" trim) runs just under two weeks every month. I recommend trimming the hair every six to eight weeks. Once you adhere to this method you will notice that you are not experiencing incessant hair shedding. Good hair days will become the standard.

To further encourage life force for your hair and scalp, it is important to stimulate the scalp with a massage, or a good brushing (with a wooden bristle brush.) Natural sebum (oil) from the scalp is excellent nutrition for the scalp and hair. A ten-minute brushing through the hair before shampooing supports vitality. I recommend shampooing your hair no more the three times a week or less.

Important supplements you may want to consider taking to improve the strength, thickness and luster to the hair is, "Carson’s Cod Liver Oil". Taking a tsp. or two of this important omega three-oil provides the essential fatty acids that our bodies need to sustain supple hair and skin. Buy the lemon flavored liquid. I personally think that the liquid is much fresher then the capsules. Another important supplement is Biotin. Biotin is a branch of the B- vitamin group. It aids in the chemical interaction of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It is an important factor in supplying many enzymes that assist in the bodies’ metabolism. The most essential fact about biotin is that it increases the strength of both hair and nails. Eight milligrams of biotin a day is capable of increasing the weight and length of the hair. In about four months time you may well notice-increased length. In a years time you could witness significant growth and possibly gain four inches of healthy length to your mane. Check your progress four months from the time you start the “Hair Balance System”.

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