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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products



Vital Beauty From Mother Nature

I would like to address the significance of using healthy beauty lubricants from Mother Nature. We have all heard of the importance of eating healthy fats to keep our bodies functioning well, however we do not hear much about the fundamental use of healthy fats for our scalp and hair.

We are exposed to a modern world of convenience using toxic chemicals in our high performance beauty products. The pores of the skin are like sponges: whatever you put on your body eventually ends up inside the body. Fresh plant oils containing supplementary essential fatty acids are best for the scalp and hair. Essential Fatty Acids found in unrefined coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seeds, flaxseeds and wheat germ oil, to name a few are good nutritional sources. EFA’s provide building blocks for cell membranes and are excellent carriers for important minerals and vitamins. They also contain 50 vital nutrients found in raw foods. Essential Fatty Acids are needed by the body yet not manufactured by the body, and are key ingredients for healthy hair and scalp.

In our contemporary struggle for a thin figure, countless people in our society have renounced the intake of fats. They believe that fats are responsible for common ills such as cancer, obesity, heart disease and degenerative diseases, erroneously overlooking the vital and critical need for EFA’s. To put it simply, fresh plant oils have profound healing and nutritional benefits. It is the oxidized (spoiled oil), chemically altered, hydrogenated or trans-fatty acids (blood fat), and the inert mineral oils that are the lifeless lipids that don’t offer us anything regarding beauty or health requirements. Tran’s fats literally block the metabolism and prevent essential hormone production. They cannot support our bodies with anything more then calories.

In my business I have observed many clients who have experienced dramatic improvements from scalp diseases like eczema and seborrhea by including polyunsaturated oils in the diet. These oils support the blood and are found in deep-water fish such as salmon, sardines or trout. If you do not eat fish, I would suggest including fresh hemp seed oil or flax. Hempseed oil has 80% total oil volume the highest amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids found in a plant oil. Flax seed oil comes in second at 72%.

Daily intake of Essential Fatty Acids and massaging EFA’s into the hair and scalp periodically, provides the good nutrition that feeds the follicle helping to speed up the blood flow. Your blood is the carrier of all your essential nutrients directly feeding your hair at its roots

“The hair is the richest ornament of women”

- Martin Luther

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