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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products



To Shampoo Or Not Shampoo That Is The Question

I have read many beauty blogs by people who find that their hair quality improves after giving up washing with synthetic shampoo. But that isn't the whole story.

It is important not to be fooled by natural claims by shampoo manufacturers, as most shampoos are highly synthetic and are really closer to a detergent - the same stuff you use to wash your clothes!

Completely avoiding the use of shampoo, however, may not be the answer. It is important to avoid using synthetic, detergent shampoo. Brushing the hair thoroughly is critical and when the hair requires a wash, be sure choose a natural shampoo base.

Our bodies are very much like the earth. We are made up of the same elements and microorganisms that make up our planet. Our skin and scalp have a delicate micro skin flora balance. This flora protects our skin and scalp supporting the stability of the human microbe environment.

Is it any wonder that eliminating synthetic detergent shampoo and conditioners would help us restore the delicate microorganism balance? I agree, however, with the many people who continue to find themselves unsatisfied with the long-term results of not washing their hair. They complain about itchy scalp and oily, limp hair. We have countless pollutants and dirt particles in the air that easily attach themselves to oily hair, and removing these pollutants is important.

I have read many alternate ideas bloggers have mentioned for cleansing their hair. One of the ideas, for instance, is to only use conditioner to wash their hair. I believe this is not a reasonable idea; conditioners are often made with synthetic fabric softeners and can weaken the integrity of your hair. Hair is a living fabric and requires active nutrients for tensile strength. Imagine pouring detergent shampoo and synthetic conditioner onto your garden. You would soon witness the ailing results.

I have been in the business of beauty for nearly forty years. Brought up by my naturalist European grandmother I learned early on that we are an extension of nature and, what we eat and apply on our bodies must nurture our bodies. She also taught me about the significance of brushing the hair and scalp. Long before the innovation of synthetic detergent shampoos European women knew about healthy grooming, especially brushing their hair one hundred strokes each night before bed. Brushing the scalp and hair help eliminate dead skin cells from the scalp where oil can get trapped and build up. Brushing distributes the oils throughout the hair, polishing the hair and replenishing the scalp. A well hand made wooden bristle brush is essential for brushing the hair; the “Widu” brush is my favorite.

A non- synthetic, non- detergent shampoo base is essential for maintaining the delicate microorganism balance. I researched all the natural shampoo bases and have chosen for my line a non-GMO corn base shampoo, (Decly glucoside). An excellent, natural shampoo is not a detergent and is rich with stable nutrients that support the delicate micro, floral and pH balance of the scalp and hair.

If you choose to shampoo your hair, it is important to note not to over shampoo the hair; limiting the shampoo to no more then one, two or, three times a week. But whether we choose to shampoo or not, brushing the hair and scalp is essential for the healthy environment of the hair and scalp.

"It is not the natural beauty products in your life, but the life in your natural products".

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