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Not All Hair Dryers Are Created Equal

Over the years when consulting with new clients I have often heard the same complaint; "why is my hair so dry?" Nearly always the cause is the result of blow dryer burn, caused by using low-cost made blow dryers.

The conductive heating elements make all the difference to the quality of the blow dryer. In most low-cost blow dryers and travel blow dryers the heating elements are made of plastic or metal. These inferior conductive materials blow with force and erratic heat. They end up scorching and burning the hair because they create harmful positive ions that burn the cuticle layer, causing it to split, frizz and dehydrate. Like many small appliances in our home, inexpensive hair dryers also emit harmful electromagnetic waves or EMF's.

So in choosing a blow dryer, the heating element is essential. Ceramic is a superior heating element found in many high-priced blow dryers. Ceramic generates vital conductive properties of "far infrared heat" (radiant heat). It also produces therapeutic negative ions which gently dries the hair, penetrating the cuticle shaft "without blowing the bark off your tree." In other words, these negative ions protect the hydration of the hair and provide the kind of healthy luster and body we all want in our hair.

Tourmaline is another quality heating element found in high-priced blow dryers. Tourmaline has an extraordinary ability to give off more negative ions making it easy to dry the hair fast while locking in moisture.

I have yet to find a small travel blow dryer that I am impressed with, including those from companies that make great professional dryers. So I take my regular hair dryer with me when I travel, rather than using a hotel's or a gym's cheap courtesy blow dryer.

When buying a hair dryer, remember wattage is important. I recommend no less then 1500 watts to achieve great styling results.

These days it is much easier to find a quality blow dryer for a competitive price on the Internet. If you are interested and want to know what my personal favorite blow dryer is I invite you to contact me.

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