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Mysteries Of Hair Loss

(The people I am referring to in this article are not experiencing male pattern baldness)

Let me now share with you what the last 37 years as a natural hairdresser has taught me. I have come across many clients who are suffering hair loss. Most of them have no idea why. These clients usually find me after trying many conventional hair loss methods, and have given up finding any answers.

One of my first experiences with a client suffering hair loss was with a young ballet artist. She was very depressed because her hair was thinning miserably on the sides and on the front of her hairline. She had no idea what was causing this. I asked her if she always tied her hair back in a tight bun, used hair spray, and if her hair was rarely brushed or her scalp massaged. She told me yes, this was in fact true, but what did this have to do with her hair loss. I said everything, and to use a metaphor, "your hair is like a garden". If you are constantly pulling at the leaves and stems of a plant, and spraying them with chemicals like alcohol and lacquer (hair spray) you will eventually kill your garden. The same is true with your hair. Your hair acquires all of its nutrition from your blood and good circulation, and good nutrition is essential to the health of your hair, scalp and roots. Nourishing hair products are also very important and support healthy hair.

My ballet client finally saw results after a year of weekly oil treatments along with scalp/hair massages with a superior hand made Italian wood bristle brush (the type of brush is key). Also, she finally gave her hair a rest from the constant tension of wearing her hair tightly tied back in a bun, and gave herself a daily three minute scalp massage (using her finger beds). Twice a week after her hair acquired natural sebum, (oil) she brushed her hair for ten minutes and then washed it with a nutrient complete shampoo. I trimmed her hair every six weeks to strengthen her hair; this method is called "Hair Balancing".

When a tree has been trimmed correctly it grows strong and beautiful very quickly (just like your hair) because the dead branches (dead ends) have been removed and the life force can freely travel to the healthy branches and this encourages rapid growth.

Other contributing factors to "Hair Loss":

Corn-rows (Bo Derek braids) & Hair Extensions" During the eighties and nineties many of my female clients were wearing hair extensions and corn-rows. This style causes constant pulling at the hair’s roots, causing a lack of circulation. After a month or two of wearing corn-rows or hair extensions, I visibly witnessed hair loss. It was a challenge convincing women to remove their hair extensions. They feared that their hair would look thin and bald; however, by not removing the hair extensions or corn–rows, there was permanent hair loss.

Wigs: Many times performers have to wear wigs. Their hair is glued down with a toxic hair gel, frequently causing hair loss. Good circulation is essential for healthy hair and the principles of “Good Hair Gardening” always apply.

In our culture we have lost the knowledge of true hair care and what it means that our “hair is very much alive". To maintain the health of the hair we must brush, trim, massage the scalp and use healthy nutrient rich beauty products.

I welcome your questions. -Linda Kammins

“It is foolish to tear one's hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness”.


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