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It's not the beauty products in your life,

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Hair Insanity

All too often new clients state, “I hate my hair, my hair is too frizzy, my hair is too thin, my hair is ugly.” Hate has such a strong undertone that it quite literally undermines the vitality of the hair. Would you say, “I hate my liver or spleen?” If you believe that words have power and create your reality then hating any part of the body can cause imbalance and dis-ease.

Contrary to contemporary opinion, I consider hair a living extension of our bodies, and hair care is a ritual to be done with reverence and love.

I constantly see people with no awareness or understanding of what they are really doing to their hair when backcombing or using harsh chemical hairsprays, bleach, coloring and styling foams and gels, etc. All of these unhealthy routines destroy the matrix of the hair by suffocating its life force. No wonder you hear so often how someone cannot stand the look of their hair. I think of this behavior as “Hair Insanity.”

Yes, your hair is like a garden and very much responds with vitality from the love and attention you give it. Try thinking like a gardener and approach your hair in a conscience manner. Begin with a good brush; my favorite is a hand crafted wood bristle brush. Find a quite moment for yourself. Sit in a comfortable chair, and relax. Lower your head over your knees and brush; enjoy the sensual feel of the brush against your scalp as you work it through your hair. Affirm, “I love my hair and it is easy to love my hair. My hair is beautiful, shiny and healthy.”

Occasionally when I give this advice to a new client, they roll their eyes. I reassure them that our words and thoughts have the power to heal and make a profound difference in both our well being and healthy appearance. It is time to shift our attitude of what is possible and give our tresses the love and respect it deserves.

A few cultures, like the Native American Indians and the Sikhs believe our hair is an antenna and extension of our nervous system. Our culture for the most part is removed from this ancient knowledge, and generally focuses on the superficial appearance.

We not only risk absorbing toxins into our bodies when we coat the hair with synthetic products, we also block the hair’s (antenna) natural receptive ability.

Loving your hair can be a natural way to restoring its innate beauty and potential. Flow with the nature of your hair and not against it. Loving and respecting your hair can become a profound sacred ceremony, and your hair will respond just like the flowers in your garden.

I invite you to read my other columns. They will offer insight into achieving vital, beautiful hair. And please email me to find out about my favorite hairbrush.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” - Khalil Gibran

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