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Beautiful Chemistry: Confessions Of A Natural Hairdresser

I will never forget my first day in beauty school. I recoiled from the sharp toxic smell. I remember thinking; “How can this artistic expression, that I love so much be so lethal”. I made a promise right then and there that I would seek a new, healthy way to express my vocation.

My Spanish born grandmother who taught me the old approach to health and beauty raised me. We had an organic garden in my backyard and many of our ills and wounds were treated with common herbs from our garden. Another important influence in my life was, growing up with my family of artisans.

I always had an affinity for hair. I thought of hair as a garden, a living fabric that requires life-giving nutrients to express it’s full potential. Nothing and no one was teaching a natural method in my chosen field. I was disappointed with the lazy, commercial standard of approaching hair like an art project rather then a living garden. I enthusiastically started on my path of discovering health and beauty in nature’s own chemistry lab, as well as good grooming.

I learned early on that I could energize hair by merely giving the hair a good brushing with an all natural wooden bristle brush and nourishing the hair using nature’s chemistry. I also learned the significance of a “Balancing Hair Cutting” method and to cut the hair during new moon cycles to encourage the hair to grow faster, longer and thicker.

These ideas go against the grain of what was and is still being traditionally taught. For the last 50 years in our rush for health and beauty our society has been living in an age of compromise. This is unfortunate and many have paid the price. We are organic living, human beings and it is our responsibility to treat our health and beauty with awareness.

In my opinion beauty is not bought in a box, or a scalpel. Beauty takes knowledge and daily devotion to glean healthy results.

Thirty-seven years later I have accomplished many of my early goals and I carry on my research with the same awe that I had from the start. There continues to be so many new discoveries that I could never be bored or think I now know it all.

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