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Working Man System

Working Man System

Salt Scrub and Charcoal Soap

Remedy for Hands, Feet & Body


This method was designed to mend and hydrate the working mans, hands, feet and body.

After a long day working with building materials, one’s hands, feet and entire body can be coated with debris. Often showering with soap alone does not give the skin relief from the many tiny splinters and fragments that are embedded in the skin.


The "Working Man" system is the perfect remedy. It includes charcoal soap and a mineral salt scrub.


Charcoal Soap:
The soap is made with charcoal and comfrey herb. The charcoal gets into the tiny cracks and abrasions on the body and helps to lift out debris. Charcoal is known for its ability to suck out and pull micro dirt and dust from the skin. Comfrey is a powerful wound mending herb and lends to the calming experience of this vital soap.


Body Salt Scrub:
This remarkable, hydrating body scrub offers moisturizing and soothing benefits. Made with the potent moisturizing oils of Shea Butter and Coconut oil, along with magnesium sulfate and Himalayan salt. Which consists of 84 essential ionic, hydrating and electrolyte minerals.

The "Working Man" system is a beautiful way to end the day. Providing the skin with nourishing support. No constant itching and scratching. You will experience a restful sleep.

A powerful, soothing solution for painful skin.

Working Man System

  • Working Man Scrub: 
    Ingredients: Himalayan salt, magnesium sulfate; (84 ionic minerals: receiving cell rejuvenation and absorption), lavender, juniper, and ylang ylang.

    Working Man Soap: 
    Ingredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, clay, charcoal,  comfrey Essential oils peppermint, fir needle, marjoram , rosemary, thuja and benzoin.

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