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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Soothing Waters

Toner for all skin types

Soothing waters have been vibrationally charged with silver. Commonly known as Colloidal Silver. Use it like toner, prior to moisturizing cream. Also a wonderful aid in soothing the skin. Soothes minor burns, sunburns, itchy red eyes, and minor sores. Recommended for all skin types, great for Oily & Acne Skin.


Soothing Waters

  • Hi Linda, I just wanted to let you know how great "Soothing Waters" works for me. It is so helpful and amazing for my legs, which have psoriasis. Love spraying my face with it morning and night as a toner, I find it great for my eyes when they get blood shot. Also, when the weather is hot I spray my face with it and it makes me feel cooler.

    Thank you so much, Lillian Feldman, LA

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