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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Skin Glow Salt Scrub

Its purpose is to slough away dead skin cells, this formula hydrates the skin and prevents dryness. Fresh shea butter, walnut and jojoba oil with eucalyptus and orange blossom essential oils. Infused into sea salts. The unique texture of these ingredients makes this one of natures perfect exfoliating substances. Gently polishing and soothing the skin; a relief formula. Enjoy your own spa treatment in the comfort of your home, designed to use in shower or bath, also use everyday for hands, recommended once or twice a week for full body treatment.

Skin Glow Salt Scrub

  • "The first time I used Linda Kammin's body salt scrub I felt a difference. Most high-end scrubs I had tried were made of the same-old ingredients--salt or sugar and an oil, which I felt I could easily duplicate at home and did not warrant the purchase. Others were made entirely with shea butter instead of liquid oil but the consistency was such that they didn't absorb into my skin very well, and most of the jars ended up on the bathtub floor and down the drain. I felt like Goldie Locks when I found Linda's scrub--just the right one! Made by hand in small batches, she uses carefully-selected natural vegan ingredients to create the perfect consistency and balance between grit and butter-like oils that melt into my skin and leave me smelling like an orange blossom. And I use every last dab on me, not the tub. In addition, she folds in 84 ionic minerals that are absorbed i