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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Natural Fiber Washcloth

This unique natural fiber cloth made from the agave plant, also known as the century plant. Hand made by indigenous artisans who have been weaving these cloths for centuries. Excellent for sloughing off dead skin cells. Ideal for Use with the Green Mountain Clay Soap. Your skin will feel so soft, yet energized, and will achive an all over radiant glow after this treatment. This Natural Wash Coth can be used a often as three times a week, and should be used at least twice a month.

1 Washcloth

Natural Fiber Washcloth

  • The Agave washcloth made of a natural plant fiber has been responsible for the best exfoliating of dead skin that I ever remember in that my skin is significantly smoother & softer! I tossed the nylon scrubby!

    Very Sincerely yours, Madelyn Kaye, NY.

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