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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Himalayan Aromatherapy Salt Bath

Himalayan crystal salt along with the powerful life force of aromatic essential oils produce one of nature's most powerful remedial chemistries within a therapeutic bath.


The Himalayan Salt Crystal took over 250 million years to shape its incredible, geometric majesty. Minerals and earth previously at the bottom of the sea were thrust upward forming these magnificent mountains.


These crystal salts are mined in an exclusive protected mountain area. No force was ever used to extract the Himalayan crystal salt from these mountains. Only hand tools are permitted when breaking off pieces.


Once covered by the ocean, completely untouched by man, thus protecting the integrity of its powerful crystal intelligence.


The eighty-four essential ionic minerals found in the Himalayan crystal salt is readily available to our bodies via a bath, our skin will absorb the minerals by way of ionic energy. Do not shower after the bath these ionic minerals seal in moisture and protect the skin from the elements.


Pure aromatic essential oils, (the powerful counterpart to the crystal salt bath) are derived from, flowers, seeds, herbs, trees, stems, leaves, and grasses, acknowledged as the blood, or life force of the plant.


The potent Essential oils are not to be mistaken for synthetic perfume. Essential oils are pure plant vital oils. They are also known to have been administered throughout ancient Egypt to heal the sick and to alter states of consciousness.


The Himalayan aromatherapy Salt Bath can be a profound, sacred ritual, permitting the body swift relief. Studies have shown that instant, physical, and emotional tension is liberated.


The ancient Egyptians believed that our sense of smell was the most important of our sensory abilities, since the essential oil scent increases an inherent healing vibration (energy) that relax us physically and transport our minds.


Submerge yourself into this therapeutic, ionized, (energized) aromatic bath and allow your mind and body complete restorative rejuvenation.

Himalayan Aromatherapy Salt Bath

  • The first time I tried the “Himalayan Salt Bath” I fell to sleep in the bathtub. Every muscle and bone in my body seemed to surrender to the healing salts and the tranquil aroma and I slept like a baby. I was much more alert during the day and felt much more rested. Love it. Thank you Carrie Ford, MT.

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