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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Hair Revive

The Hair Revive contains active ingredients such as: Shea butter, Sea buckthorn, Nutmeg Flower Extract and Powerful Siberian Fir Oil.

The exciting news about these legendary, powerful oils are their unbelievably dense nutritional content; Vitamin C, provitamin A, B complex vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, vitamin E, flavonoids, minerals, fruit acids, palmitoleic acid, sterols, essential fatty acids.

Sea buckthorn oil has been used by cultures from all over the world for thousands of years and has been rediscovered in centuries old medicinal texts in both China and Tibet.

The scientific name for the sea buckthorn shrub, "Hippophae Rhamnoides," means "makes horses shine." In ancient times, when battle-worn horses were released where sea buckthorn grew, the horses would emerge with shiny coats after feeding on the berries.

The curative properties of Siberian Pines have been known to medicine from the earliest times. Even the Sumerians used extracts, broths of Siberian Pine needles, as compresses and poultices.

The bactericidal and fungicidal properties of the Siberian Pine trees are known to be amazing and from what I read; the air in a Siberian Pine forest is practically free of pathogenic microbes.

The remarkable antibacterial function of the Hair Revive formula assist in eliminating micro parasites that are believed to be the cause of some hair loss issues and premature graying, thus these powerful nutrients aid by rejuvenating hair and scalp, reawakening and activating the life force; cleansing and clearing the pours at its roots.


The Hair Revive treatment; Potent formula with a bright fir needle essence, a little goes a long way, easily absorbed and easily washed clean. The Hair Revive oil treatment; locks in moisture as it restores the integrity of the hair, imbuing it with life and luster.

2oz Hair Revive, approximately four treatments.

Hair Revive

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