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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Essential Hydration Serum

This remarkable beauty serum is a powerful micronutrient, a blend of Tamanu oil, Sea Buckthorn oil and our chosen blend of essential oils such as Rose and Frankincense. Just a few drops thoroughly moisturizes the entire complexion.


Historically the Ancient Greeks and Tibetans, were some of the first to use Sea Buckthorn berries. Sea Buckthorn is an amazing super fruit and is best known as panacea throughout Asia.


Many bioactive compounds are found in the Sea Buckthorn berries, anti­microbial, tissue regeneration and potent radical­scavenging activities. Tamanu oil was discovered thousands years ago by the natives of Tahiti. They noticed the strange trees growing near the ocean. They soon found that the dry nuts from this tree contain a powerful rejuvenating oil. The Polynesian women used Tamanu oil for everything from sunburns to psoriasis.


The skin loves and benefits from the naturally occurring omega oils found in this vital blend. Essential Hydration Serum, improves the skins elasticity with moisture retaining properties.


Essential Hydration Beauty Serum has powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, your skin becomes brighter with a more even tone. Both Tamanu oil and Sea Buckthorn oil have an extraordinary ability to regenerate scar tissue, creating healthy smooth skin. Ruddy and acne skin also benefit immensely due to the vital anti­microbial and tissue regenerating ability.


Essential Hydration Serum has a heavenly scent. The combined ingredients along with the aromatherapy essential oils will relax your senses and renew your skin. Add few drops on the skin after you cleanse your face. You can feel and see the soothing quality of your skin within minutes.


Essential Hydration Serum is sold in individual 1/2oz Bottles.

For a complete hydration solution we recommend our Kit, The complete Hydration Kit includes: Essential Hydration Serum (1/2oz), Mineral Magic Facial Cleanse (1oz), & Soothing Waters Toner (2oz).

Essential Hydration Serum

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