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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Comfrey Soap

This soap is so hydrating and replenishing that you may not need a moisturizer on your complexion after use.

Comfrey has been cultivated since 400 BC. Both the Greeks and Romans have used comfrey regularly to treat broken bones and heal wounds.


Comfrey has an active, important ingredient; allantion. Allantion is a substance known for its active ability to stimulate renew skin cells.

Personally, I never expected such a luxurious feeling that comfrey lends to this soothing, healing, exfoliating soap.


This has to be my favorite face and body soap. I can massage the lush lather into the pores of my complexion and lather up the callouses on my feet. Comfrey tightens my pores and soften my callouses. Leaving both my complexion and feet soft, amazing, love it and am excited to share it with you!


Ingredients: Green mountain clay, quassia wood and comfrey. Essential oils: Eucalyptus, ceadarwood & lemon, lime.

Comfrey Soap