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It's not the beauty products in your life,

but the life in your  beauty products


Aroma Air

Scents for the Indoor Environment

Change the mood of your home or workplace, dispensing Aromatherapy Essential Oils (with an Aromatherapy Diffuser) and welcome bliss into your indoor environment. Select essential oil blends and single note essences to inspire.


Aroma Air

  • Hi Linda, I wanted you to know about my last experience flying. I travel often, and always am subject to catching a cold, or suffering allergies after my flight. Well I did as you told me, and I saturated a few cotton balls with the Peppermint Aroma Air, I placed them in a small plastic bag. I took out my bag on the plane, and sniffed the wonderful Peppermint aroma through out my flight, and yes indeed for the first time in a long