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Daily Shine Shampoo

Daily Shine shampoo is a living, active formula. One of the main features of this vibrant shampoo is the regenerative action of the Copper Peptides. When close to the scalps surface it stimulates the blood vessels that supply a vital flow of nutrients and assist in the growth of the hair follicle. This shampoo formula is a union of a natural corn base combined with synergetic nutrients that direct the essential purpose of delivering these vital nutrients to your "Hair Garden". Never exploiting the use of harsh chemical preservatives. The Daily shine Shampoo is rich and works best when diluted in a separate applicator. You can use filtered shower water to loosen the surface tension giving you hair a better lather.

The corn used in Linda Kammins shampoo base is from Germany. They have a no Genetically Modified Organism law in their country. The corn found in our shampoo is free from GMO's.

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