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This unique natural fiber cloth made from the agave plant also known as the century plant. Hand made by indigenous artisans who have been weaving these cloths for centuries. Excellent for sloughing off dead skin cells, and for an all over radiant glow.

Natural Fiber Washcloth
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The Agave washcloth made of a natural plant fiber has been responsible for the best exfoliating of dead skin that I ever remember in that my skin is significantly smoother & softer! I tossed the nylon scrubby!

Very Sincerely yours, Madelyn Kaye, NY.

Good range of mist and stream. Comfortable to use ergonomically correct comfort grip trigger head that fits the hand.

Spray Bottles 8oz by Tolco. (Empty bottles)
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Our Gift Certificates are a great idea for the Holidays! Get your favorite Salon Treatments at a discount when you buy One or More Gift Certificates!

Salon Gift Certificate
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Aroma-Therapy: Our sense of smell is the quickest way to affect our moods and emotions. There are scent receptors on every organ in the body, as you inhale the pure essential oils, the aromatic molecules travel to the olfactory bulbs which are linked directly to the emotional limbic system, (the source of emotion in the human brain.) Thus, the pure aromas are the quickest way to affect and uplift our emotions. Truly remarkable!

Essential Elemental Essence
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Grow Thicker and bountiful tresses via brushing

I am proud to announce that I have finally found the best hairbrush to assist in actually making your hair thicker. This is the hair gardening tool you never had.

Large. Solid Ash Wood Handle with Wooden Bristles
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A hand made Italian brush, flawless in itís design.This remarkable brush persuades your hair to grow. Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move your natural oils through out your hair. This brush effortlessly assist in the support of good blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal scalp impurities, by means of a thorough scalp massage.

Linda Kammins

These purse brushes are the same great quality as the Large, Widu brush. A choice of color, Candy Pink or, Sunflower Yellow. Colored with non-toxic water resistant colors. A cotton drawstring bag is included to keep the brushes fresh in your purse or backpack.

Purse Size Widu Brush
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2oz. Travel Size
For Shampoo & Cream Rinse

or a 4oz. bottle
Includes Cone Nozzle for use with Hair Oil.

Extra Plastic Applicator
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Scents for the Indoor Environment

Change the mood of your home or workplace, dispensing Aromatherapy Essential Oils (with an Aromatherapy Diffuser) and welcome bliss into your indoor environment. Select essential oil blends and single note essences to inspire.

Aroma Air
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Hi Linda, I wanted you to know about my last experience flying. I travel often, and always am subject to catching a cold, or suffering allergies after my flight. Well I did as you told me, and I saturated a few cotton balls with the Peppermint Aroma Air, I placed them in a small plastic bag. I took out my bag on the plane, and sniffed the wonderful Peppermint aroma through out my flight, and yes indeed for the first time in a long time I have not suffered an allergic reactions, or a cold. Brilliant idea!!

Thank you so much, Sara M. Los Angeles Ca.

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