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Essential Elemental Essence

Pure Aromatherapy / Essential Oil, Scents.


The Four Elements; Earth, Water, Air & Fire


Aromatherapy goes back thousands of years. Extracted from plants, flowers and trees. I will never forget my first experience with the powerful, essential oils. I always had many allergies growing up and an immune intolerance to synthetic fragrance. Back in the mid-eighties I was introduced to Aromatherapy. I will never forget the instant relief I experienced from my first whiff of the soothing, aromatherapy essential oils. I felt my mood and body were lifted to an exalted place outside of my normal reality, as if ancient memories were nourishing my thoughts to a more expansive state of being.


Enlightened by this aromatic experience; freeing my mind, heart and body, I was hooked and many years later I enthusiastically took the challenge to translate one of nature’s most powerful gifts; the aromatherapy essential oils, into a synergistic, olfactory tool, designed to support us by releasing our emotional burdens and increase harmonious vitality, by way of scent.


I am excited to share with you the "Essential Elemental Essences" (aromatherapy fragrances). Essential Elemental Essences help by balancing one (or more) of the four natural elements that may be lacking in our daily experience: (Earth, Air, Water & Fire) through aromatherapy blended scents.


Why? I wanted to know; does our olfactory system play such a powerful role regarding our creativity, well-being and our mood. One of the many things I have gained in my research regarding this knowledge is; When breathing in the pure essential oils, air born molecules interact with the olfactory organs, moving through the nose to a variety of receptor sites. Initiating us to feel substantial results.


There is a reason as to why this method is called, "aroma-therapy". Our sense of smell is the quickest way to affect our moods and emotions. There are scent receptors on every organ in the body, as you inhale the pure essential oils, the aromatic molecules travel to the olfactory bulbs which are linked directly to the emotional limbic system, (the source of emotion in the human brain.) Thus, the pure aromas are the quickest way to affect and uplift our emotions. Truly remarkable!


Julia Lawless, wrote a wonderful book called; "Aromatherapy and the mind"; An exploration into the psychological & emotional affects of essential oils.


These ideas inspired the creation of the "Essential Elemental Essences" Pure Aromatherapy Essences; Earth, Water, Air & Fire

You may want to wear one or more of these elemental blends throughout your week. A few drops on the wrist, apply two or three times a day.


Earth Element

Assist with practical thinking. If you have been feeling scattered and unable to manifest your dreams, Earth grounds our ideas into physical reality. Earth is experienced through physical sensations of; smelling, touching and tasting. When in balance with Earth Element, we display a positive attitude, supporting our natural, creative abilities. Earth Element, Top Essential Oil Notes; Sandalwood, Ylang-ylang, Velvetier.


Water Element
If you have been feeling emotional, like your swimming upstream, water releases stagnate, old emotional patterns and allows your heart to go with the flow. Water allows our emotions to flow, to experience great release, to feel deeply from the heart and to let it all go with the flow to be released. Water Element, Top Essential Oil Notes; Bergamot Juniper, Lavender.


Air Element
Is about the divine breath and helps us to express ourselves. If you have been feeling mentally unable to express yourself, Air Element clears the mental pathway and evokes clarity. Air helps us to be more detached, with the ability to cope. Air is expressed via our mind and our nervous system this element is about the divine breath and helps us to express ourselves with clarity of mind. Air Element, Top Essential Oil Notes; Sweet basil, Marjoram, Geranium.


Fire Element
If you have been lack luster and non-motivated, the Element of Fire is just what you need to spark enthusiasm. Fire ignites your expression of joy and naturally presents you with inspired creativity. Fire Element, Top Essential Oil Notes; Black Pepper, Pink Grapefruit, Ylang, ylang.

Essential Elemental Essence

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