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Cats Claw Soap

Cats Claw is a woody vine native to the Amazon rain forest. Its history of healing goes all the way back to the Inca civilization. The Incas utilized Cats Claw to fight infection. This powerful bark has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. What does this mean for our newest Cats Claw Soap? This powerful vine bestows astringent power, to tighten, brighten and hydrate the skin.


Our skin is our largest organ, responsible for eliminating toxins from our internal organs. Cats Claw soap penetrates dermal layers, helping to eliminate free radicals that cause cellular damage, alleviating tired skin, with its healing astringent properties.


Cats Claw soap is indispensable for diseased skin and mends wounds. Great for acne and psoriasis, however can be used for face and body on all skin types. Cats Claw soap tightens pores, soothes, reinvigorates the skin revealing a youthful glow, delivering a fresh all day feeling.

Cats Claw Soap

  • This soap is a lovely way to really clean all of your body. Sometimes after work, when feeling a little grimy, it's really nice to have a good astringent clean. All of Linda's soaps have a lovely scent, which is very important to me. Thank you Linda for always creating new products! 
    Melissa S.

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