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I want to Decondition our Thinking about Conditioner

One of the leading misconceptions about taming our mane is the current, commercially taught method of chemically conditioning our hair.

Our hair is an extension of our body a living system and must be treated with active, living, natural ingredients that support health for our hair and body.

In beauty school and throughout my professional career I was always taught to use synthetic conditioners to moisturize the hair. I would like to share with you through many years of experience in the beauty business, the myth regarding hair conditioners. The current chemical ingredients in hair conditioners are fabric softeners. These synthetic ingredients will indeed condition the hair however, the byproduct of synthetic softeners result in swelling and over softening of the hair causing it to shed especially during the shampoo and conditioning process.

Unbeknownst to many people is the fact that synthetic, commercial conditioners are the very reason why their hair is shedding. Chemical conditioners are often very alkaline and forcefully soften the hair. In the long run they weaken the hair fiber causing it to become even more dehydrated and swollen.

Our hair needs to be toned and hydrated and this necessitates the proper pH balance. To achieve tensile strength and bouncing body, the hair must be nourished and this demands the need for healthy, natural, energetic ingredients.

I have created a product that I call, "Silica Hydrate". It is a water soluble, hair oil treatment that has the ability to deliver hydration instantly to your tresses by assimilating life giving minerals and plant essential butters directly into the hair.

The best metaphor for how the "Silica Hydrate" works is: "It makes an old sweater new again", returning elasticity and shine to your hair.

"Silica Hydrate" hair treatment is applied to wet hair before the shampoo. Your hair will feel as you remembered it before all the harsh chemicals. Your locks will be, shiny, firm and full of body.

For a happier, healthier life.

Linda Kammins

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