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January 3rd, 2006


We are at a threshold of a whole new world. Many are waking up with a renewed awareness about the toxicity we live with every day and are genuinely concerned, motivated by an honest interest in our health and our planet.

I would like to address here the significance of using healthy beauty products from Mother Nature.

We have all heard of the importance of eating healthy fats to keep our bodies functioning well, however we do not hear much about the essential use of healthy fats on our skin and hair. We are exposed to a modern world of convenience using toxic chemicals in our high performance beauty products, the pores of our skin are like sponges whatever you put on your body eventually ends up inside your body...

Fresh plant oils containing supplementary essential fatty acids are best for the skin and hair Essential fatty acids found in unrefined coconut oil, jojoba oil, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, wheat germ oil, to name a few good sources, provide building blocks for cell membranes. They are excellent carriers for important minerals and vitamins, including 50 vital nutrients we require from raw foods. Essential Fatty Acids are needed by the body, yet not manufactured by the body. EFAs are a key ingredient to healthy skin and hair.

In our contemporary struggle for a beautiful thin figure countless citizens in our society have renounced the intake of fats, believing that fats are responsible for our common ills, such as, cancer, obesity, heart disease and degenerative disease, erroneously over looking the essential and critical need for essential fatty acids. To put it simply, fresh plant oils have profound healing and nutrient benefits. It is the oxidized (spoiled oil); chemically-altered, hydrogenated or Trans- fatty acids (blood fat) and the inert mineral oils that are the lifeless lipids that do not serve our health and beauty requirements. Tranís fats literally block the metabolism and prevent essential hormone production. They cannot support our bodies with anything more then calories.

Fresh plant oils massaged into the skin encourages the removal of dead skin cells. As these lifeless cells are shed, new cells take their place. Dead skin cells tend to compound, giving the appearance of rough and dry skin. Fresh essential fatty acids (plant oil) help remove the dull skin cells, revealing smooth, glowing skin. The removal of deceased skin cells supports and benefits the underlying tissue. Essential fatty acids form a barrier in our skin in resistance to loss of moisture, protecting us from dehydration.

I have also observed wonderful dramatic improvement with fine dry hair, and scalp diseases like eczema and seborrhea, because of a diet of the polyunsaturated oils, (polyunsaturated oils support the blood) from deep-water fish, such as salmon, trout or sardines. If you do not like fish, I would suggest fresh hemp seeds or flax. Hempseed oil has 80% total oil volume the highest amount of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids found in a plant oil. Flax seed oil comes in second at 72% combined total essential fatty acids. Be aware to purchase only fresh hemp or flax. These oils have a very short shelf life and need to be stored in the refrigerator. Both Flax's and Hemp oil can be utilized to massage and brushed into the hair and scalp. Besides the good nutrition that feeds the hair follicles from the inside, scalp massage is very important for a healthy scalp and strong tresses. Massaging your scalp speeds up the blood flow. Your blood is the carrier of all your essential nutrients directly feeding your hairs roots. Without a good scalp massage, hair follicles grow slowly and atrophied. It is always a good idea after treating your skin and hair with fresh oil to remove the residual oils from your skin and hair with a gentle nontoxic facial cleanse and shampoo. Linda Kammins Aromatherapy salon. Established in West Hollywood since 1987. Kammins started her career in the beauty business in 1974, always taking the health road in world of beauty. Finding alternatives for hair coloring, and chemically treated hair. Designer of Linda Kammins Aromatherapy beauty products. Linda has shared her story as a repeated guest speaker on KPFK and featured in many national publications including Self, Mademoiselle, Allure and Los Angeles Magazine. She can be reached at, 310-659-6257

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