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Articles | Hair Loss 

January 3rd, 2006


The last 31 years of being a natural hairdresser, I have many times come across clients who are suffering hair loss, and to make matters worse they have no idea why. They usually find me after trying many other conventional methods, and have nearly given up.

These people are generally not experiencing male pattern baldness.

I would like to now share with you what I have learned over the last 31 years. One of my first experiences was with a young woman who was a practicing ballet artist; she was very depressed because her hair was thinning miserably on the sides and front, she had no idea what was causing this. I asked her if she always tied her hair back in a tight bun, using hair spray, and if her hair was rarely brushed or her scalp massaged. She told me that yes this was in fact true, but what did this have to do with her hair loss. Everything I explained, your scalp and hair are very much alive. To use a metaphor, "your hair is very much like a garden". If you are constantly slowly pulling at the leaves or stem of a plant and coating it with alcohol and lacquer you will eventually kill your garden, in a like manner, your scalp (Hair Garden) would then not getting the good circulation that it needs. Your hair gets all of its nutrients from your blood and nutrient pure hair product, much like a plant gets the nutrients from the earth and the healthy fertilizer you feed it. It took (my ballet client) a year of weekly oil treatment scalp and hair massages. She stopped wearing her hair in a tight bun, and gave herself a daily 10 minute scalp massages (using her fingers beds), and washing it with LK Daily Shine, nutrient complete shampoo. I trimmed her hair every six weeks to reinforce her hair; this method is called "Hair Balancing". When a tree has been trimmed correctly it grows, strong and beautiful very quickly because, the dead branches have been removed, and the life force can freely travel to the healthy branches and encourage rapid growth.

Methods that contribute to "Hair Loss"; During the eighties I saw many women with hair extensions and Corn-rows (Bo Derek braids). This method causes a, constant slow pulling and lack of circulation and after a month or two (of having Corn-rows in your hair) your hair begins to experience hair loss.

Many times actors have had to wear wigs. Gluing their hair down with a toxic hair jell.

And Musicians who have glued their hair daily with the same toxic jell.

Thoughts to remember; "Your Hair is very much alive". We have forgotten as a society, how to care for our hair.

We must brush, trim, massage the scalp and use healthy nutrient rich beauty product.

I encourage you to email me with your questions. -Linda Kammins

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