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March 18, 2004

SKIN REJUVENATION: Fresh Nut & Seed Oils

Oils have been used throughout time for health and beauty needs.

Some of you may find it complicated to sort out the facts when it comes to recognizing the truth about the use of nut & seed oils for both health and beauty. I have found in my research and hands on application with clients, that the best oils for our health and beauty, are "rich in essential fatty acids."

Healthy fats are an essential ingredient for a supple healthy body, and for soft skin. To put it simply, fresh oils are filled with rich nutrients and have profound healing qualities. It is the oxidized (spoiled oil); chemically-altered Trans- fatty acids and lifeless mineral oils that do not serve our health and beauty needs and can in effect be very harmful.

Consuming & using fresh oils for health and beauty, is a vital part of life. We are biological beings; our hair and skin are living tissue and respond gratefully in a repairing healing manner to organic, nutrient rich natural nut & seed oils,

Not to mention the powerful healthful effects of Aromatherapy essential oils. These therapeutic oils are recognized by their sweet natural fragrance, carefully extracted from flowers, herbs and trees. Aromatherapy essential oils are considered the life force of the plant, historically known for possessing anti microbial healing benefits.

Aromatherapy essential oils with their complementary counter parts, the healthy fresh nut & seed oils, also including active ionic minerals found in Linda Kammins Aromatherapy Skin Care system, aid in the regeneration of skin, by easily removing dead skin cells, via powerful active nutrients. As the cells slough off, new cells take their place. Dead cells tend to accumulate on the skin, giving the appearance of a rough flaxy texture. Removal of dead skin helps to strengthen the underlying tissue. Bringing you lasting results, not only immediate relief.

Our skin secretes oils naturally and nothing penetrates and alleviates dead skin build up better then the chemistry of healthy fresh nut & seed oils combined with Aromatherapy essential oils. This can be likened to the homeopathic principles of the Laws of Similar; "let likes be cured by likes."

Linda Kammins Skin care, is a five part system, and her two part system, designed to aid and restore the much needed balance of hydration and collagen in support of your complexion. "Using nutrient chemistry for vibrant skin." Not only will your skin look radiant, it will feel vibrant and alive!

Linda Kammins Aromatherapy Skin Care System is designed by Linda Kammins. Kammins has over thirtyfive years of experience in the Beauty business and has been on the natural path of beauty from the beginning of her career.

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