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July 29, 2003

Wonderful Raw Materials

Hi, I am writing you to let you know of the many wonderful recent changes to the Linda Kammins Aromatherapy Beauty Products. I have been investigating for some time now small indigenous farmers in the USA. and world wide. I have always wanted to have the most nutritional ingredients possible for my products.

What I found in the beginning, when I first started to develop my line, were raw material companies who are concerned with the product looking pure. This means bleaching the ingredients, such as Shea Butter, Coco butter, ECT... ultimately removing the vital nutrients from these natural raw materials. It is not easy to find raw material companies interested in farmers with small farming practice, who are farming the way of their ancestors, however in my search I have made some wonderful connections.

The Jojoba oil I am now working with comes from small scale Palestinian farmers in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Jojoba grows well in the climate of the Palestinian Territory especially in the Gaza Strip and performs better than most other places in the world. Because humidity is low and the Jojoba trees during the period of Jojoba nut ripening receive no rain (and no irrigation), there are no diseases or insects attacking. The Jojoba nuts which fall to the ground when they ripen remain dry and unspoiled.

I am working now with a wonderful Shea butter that comes from Africa, farmers who share our concerns for human health and our environment. Shea butter extracted from hand collected nuts grown from wild craft trees of the dry African savannah. The Gold Shea butter I like to use is much rarer, its trees grow along the river in Togo.

This land when farmed by natives, reap healthy fruits and maintain a healthy renewable source of land, this way was also once also practiced by our own Native Americans. Their technique in living with the land was very successful and provided for their needs.

With modern methods lands are being raped of their natural fertility. Africa and the people who live by the land have much potential to offer.

My new Coconut oil comes from small scale plantation in the Philippines, using the old methods of extracting the organic Coconut milk, letting the milk stand in covered buckets for 24 hours or more. The oil separates naturally. No chemical or high heat treatment is used. This oil contains no Trans fatty acids. It is made by families using the traditional old fashion methods of farming used for hundreds of years by their ancestors.

This for me is a wonderful win, win situation. Assisting these farmers and their natural methods can obtain freedom in being able to help them become sustainable and in return help our earth.

Not to mention provide me with the most wonderful ingredients and pass these wonders on to you through my Aromatherapy beauty products.

There is so much more to say on the subject like how the Shea butter is gathered, great story there and the amazing Rose essential oil find. If you would like to receive more letters like this one, please let me know.

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