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My name is Linda Kammins. My three sisters and I were raised in southern California, by my European grandmother... My grandmother was raised on a farm in southern Spain. As a child I was taught to grow food in our back yard. My Grandmother taught me the goodness found in fresh food. This up bringing had a great impact on me. I had many allergies growing up. I found chemically treated food would cause me to break out in hives and make breathing difficult. I will never forget (at 17) my first day of beauty school I was so over whelmed by the chemical smells in the room. I made myself a promise right there and then, that I would find another way a natural way to apply my craft.

I have been in business at Linda Kammins Aromatherapy Salon since 1987, and begin the beauty profession in 1974, always looking for the natural approach to beauty. As a hair dresser and facialist, I researched and found many of the beauty products on the market to have many chemicals. To quote Dr. Herbert Feinberg, from his book; All about Hair, "A fairly weak cancer-producing agent belonging to a group of chemicals known as nitrosamines has been identified in many cosmetic preparations, including some commercial shampoos. The nitrosamine is not added to these products, but is found as a by-product from reactions between other chemicals. While this agent has produced liver cancer in rats, its effects upon humans are still unclear." (This book was published 25 years ago.) My concern and passion deeply grew. I immersed my- self in research, to find the most effective natural ingredients. With many years of trial and error, I am very pleased to say I have successfully designed a line of natural aromatherapy beauty products.

In my business, the many so called experts always referred to hair as being dead. In my opinion this is not true. Hair is very much alive, and responds to active living ingredients. Some of my favorite active ingredients are flaxseed and wheat germ. When flaxseed and wheat germ are taken internally as well as used topically, they make an excellent combination for a facial mask or a hair conditioning pack .Flaxseed consist of an outer layer that covers (stored food) the embryo of a new plant. Flaxseed is a complex food source containing high amounts of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) " an omega-3 fatty acid, a fat similar to the omega-3s in fish, and contains 59 calories, 4 grams of essential fat per tablespoon. I personally have not worked with natural ingredients that work as fast to repair the quality and texture of the hair and skin as Flaxseed and wheat germ do. Flaxseed is unique among oilseeds due to the exceptionally high concentration of (ALA) and lignans. Lignans are very important to keep a healthy hormonal balance. I see many women clients who are losing hair... I believe some of the common reasons are of stress and hormonal imbalance. After A few months of taking flaxseed and wheat germ, I am often surprised by how soon I have witnessed my clients improve the quality and texture of their hair, skin and general heath, not to mention Flaxseed has 37 grams of fiber per two table spoons. Wheat germ has folate (a B-complex vitamin), B-vitamins "B6, B12, and riboflavin, are found in the hull and germ of whole grains. The wheat germ is removed from the wheat before the making of highly refined white bread. Our bodies need the entire B-complex and all the trace minerals found in wheat germ to stay healthy. It contains 50% of all vitamins and is the only part of the grain that contains vitamin A. It is the richest source of vitamin E. A recent study conducted at Harvard University School of Public Health has shown that Vitamin E contributes to a healthy heart, decreasing the risk of a heart attack from one-third to one-half. Besides cardiovascular improvement, there are many wonderful properties of Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, strengthening the immune system and slowing down the aging process.

In my business I work with many oils (vegetable, nut and aromatherapy essential oils). I use these oils for my aromatherapy HAIR OIL TREATMENTS, and FACIALS restoring the life and luster to ones hair and skin. I have found that the finest oils, the richest in essential fatty acids, (The ones that are the best for you internally) do not have a long shelf life and must be kept cold to avoid spoiling. However for internal use the oil found in flaxseed remains much fresher if left in the seed, for example, if you cut a avocado in half and put both halves in the refrigerator, you will find a few days later the half with the seed still in the avocado is much fresher This way of consuming the flaxseed has proven to me to be most effective. The whole seeds pass through the body undigested, for best results, buy them milled or grind them with a coffee grindís.

For topical use;

Two table spoons of fresh organic flaxseed and two table spoon wheat germ into a bowl.

Boil water, when water is very warm, pour slowly and stir until you have a nice smooth consistency. Place a piece of cheese cloth on your face, and began to spread the mixture over you entire face, let sit for 10 or 15 minutes then rinse well with Luke warm water.. You will notice radiant skin.

How to consume flaxseed and wheat germ;

I prefer eating the flaxseed and wheat germ very warm. I personally think (for me) that it may be absorbed in the intestines greater, and the results are quick and more obvious. You prepare the flaxseed and wheat germ the same way as you do for the facial. Add a bit of honey to the mixture if desired.

For more information about Linda Kammins and Linda Kammins Beauty Product, flaxseed and wheat germ and/ or health related beauty questions you can email her at; or call 310-659-6257


Linda Kammins owns and runs Linda Kammins Aromatherapy salon, she has been established at her West Hollywood salon since 1987. Kammins started her career in the beauty business in 1974. She has always taken the health road in world of beauty. Finding alternatives for hair coloring, and chemically treated hair. She has designed Linda Kammins Aromatherapy beauty products, and has been heard on radio (KPFK, The Aware Show) interviewed and published in many magazines such as Self, Mademoiselle, Allure, Los Angeles magazine ECT. Kammins lives with her children and husband in Los Angeles area.


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