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Tree Bark Tea Tonic

The vital benefit of this amazing hair tonic is, the wonderful astringent; bark (yin) from this woody vine known as Cats Claw, native to the Amazonian jungle. Cats Claw assists the hair; tightens, tones, strengthens, improves the vital quality; restores beauty, body and shine.

This Tea Tonic formula is also rich in vegetable; mineral electrolytes, this greatly improves the hydration of your hair and scalp, natures authentic; conditioning, mineral elements, maintaining a perfect pH balance.

Cats Claw has a long history in South America, dating back to the Incas. One of the many healing benefits is; wound healing, what this means for hair, translates to; replenishing the life force of the hair and scalp.

Using the; Tree bark Tea Tonic after every shampoo is recommended. The Tea is the final phase after shampooing and, is not rinsed out. Cats Claws, yin, astringent properties gives life to your hair. Your hair is not only benefiting from this tea rinse but, you will swear; itís the most beautiful body, youíve ever experience with your hair.

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Tea Tonic
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