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This shampoo is truly amazing at bringing back the full beautiful potential of your hair.

Noticeably improving quality texture and shine after one shampoo.

Daily Shine Shampoo
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"Being a two time cancer survivor, its really important for me to use the best natural products I can find. Linda’s products and guidance have changed my life. Her shampoos, cleansers, moisturizers, and scrubs are in a league of their own. I have converted a lot of people who are now Linda Kammins devotees. Its simply the best for your body."

L.M. - Los Angeles, CA
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Just washed hair will easily surrender to the will of a comb!

A delightful conditioning rinse, blended with fresh herbs and essential oils.

Restores shine and body

Never dulls or weighs hair down, clear of buildup for radiant results.

Daily Radiant Rinse
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"Linda, your products are the greatest. after going through over a year of medical treatments, my hair was gone, and what was growing back was shabby. after months of using your daily shine and rinse, i have lush happy hair!! thanks so much. and thanks for making a product free of all those icky additives and soy, you are a savior."

All the best, Sari

"Five vital products to encourage hair growth"

  1. Stop Loss (1oz)
  2. Widu Brush (Large)
  3. Daily Shine Shampoo (4oz)
  4. Daily Radiant Rinse (4oz)
  5. Hair Renewal Treatment (2oz)

Hair Rejuvenation System (kit)
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"An exciting all natural approach to revitalizing hair & scalp.
Supports the hair potential for new growth"

  • Promotes tensile strength of the hair
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Boost the hairs shine & luster
  • Regulates and tones the scalp
  • Essential active, herbal extracts support & nourish the hair follicle & cuticle
  • Increases the hairs potential to gain length.

"Four essential products to lock in moisture, and restore the integrity of your hair"

  1. Widu Brush (Large)
  2. Daily Shine Shampoo (4oz)
  3. Daily Radiant Rinse (4oz)
  4. Hair Revive Treatment (2oz)

Hair Revive (kit)
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"Unbelievably dense nutritional content; Vitamin C, provitamin A, B complex vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, vitamin E, flavonoids, minerals, fruit acids, palmitoleic acid, sterols, essential fatty acids"

  • Restore integrity of the Hair
  • Lock in Moisture
  • Easily Absorbed
  • Easily Washed Clean

The Hair Renewal treatment supports a healthy environment for the hair and scalp, restoring and assisting the natural floral balance to return to the hair and scalp and encourages new hair growth. It takes a few short months for the environment to support new growth.

Using the Hair Renewal as little as twice a month can show profound results within a few months time.

Hair Renewal Treatment
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After a bout with a heart issue and being 'forced' to take medications for almost 5 months before I could wean myself away from all pharmaceuticals, my hair was thinning and it continued to for at least two years. It's going to sound like magic, but since using Linda Kammins Hair Renewal product my hair growth has been outstanding. Thick and natural, I don't remember having my hair this thick since I was a teenager.

Karen Cohen, LA.

I was amazed and thrilled with how the Hair Renewal helped my hair to grow - my hair is thicker/fuller and so healthy! Thank you Linda !!!!!!!!

Engrid Smily, LA.

A non-greasy, sweet citrus essence, “Luster Hair Oil” locks in moisture as it restores luster and shine to your hair. Your hair is a living garden and responds with life to the active properties that nature so humbly provides. A little goes a long way. You can use once a week or once or twice a month for maintenance.

Luster Hair Oil
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"I have used Linda Kammins hair oil for years and I every time I apply it to my hair it feels luxurious. Not only it smells wonderful but I know I am putting something alive in contact with my body. And that's important to me. The results are amazing: the hair integrity and quality are restored, I experience more vitality and fullness and the my hair color is enhanced in a very natural way that make it reflect the life more efficiently producing and overall more flattering effect. What's more to say? Oh yeah, Now I've fallen in love with her shampoo and conditioner too! Good for me and good for the environment.
Makes me happy just to think about it."

Patrizia Milano, Los Angeles CA.

Potent formula with a bright fir needle essence, a little goes a long way, easily absorbed and easily washed clean. The Hair Revive oil treatment; locks in moisture as it restores the integrity of the hair, imbuing it with life and luster.

Hair Revive
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I have obsessively researched in the last three decades, in the pursuit of a true natural, herbal principle to stop hair loss, and improve the hairs texture and balance.

"Stop Loss" is indeed the answer.

Stop Loss
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Dear Linda; I recently put my fingers through my hair and looked into the mirror and said to myself.. oh my gosh, I have a thick head of hair again! As the smile grew across my face, I realized that the STOP LOSS Tincture had taken hold. I use STOP LOSS daily and have since you created this amazing natural hair tonic 6 to 8 months ago I noticed increased hair growth all along and I can now say that I have the thick hair that I remember having as a young girl. It is quite remarkable and I want to share this good news with you.

- Karen C. LA. CA.

This innovation, works amazing on chemically damaged hair.

"Hair Repair" is also brilliant at eliminating chlorine from your hair. You will become aware of your hairs vitality, in addition to astounding shine, and body.

Collagen Hair Repair
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"Nothing in Life can be beautiful which is not true". John Ruskin

The vital benefit of this amazing hair tonic is, the wonderful astringent; bark (yin) from this woody vine known as Cats Claw, native to the Amazonian jungle. Cats Claw assists the hair; tightens, tones, strengthens, improves the vital quality; restores beauty, body and shine.

Tree Bark Tea Tonic
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"Wow Linda
I love this stuff! My hair is feeling SO GOOD
after using it this morning.

I had a little left over and told my husband to use it too, he did and his hair, this evening, feels soft and really nice--has all day. I gave a bag to my friend to try when she stopped by, I look forward to hearing her comments too.

You have created a really nice product."

Thank you! Melissa Stead - Los Angeles, CA

"Good Hair Day" .

Good Hair Day works best for silky fine hair, color treated hair and for those who are experiencing hair loss due to the over use of chemical conditioners. GHD is designed to encourage the tensile strength of ones hair. Tightens cuticle for a high sheen!

Good Hair Day
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A wonderful product -- gives fine hair a lot of body and takes the struggle out of styling.

A day without "Good Hair Day" is a day without sunshine!

If I were sent to a remote island and if I were told I could bring only 3 tools, they would be a toothbrush, mascara, and my "Good Hair Day!

Thank you, Susan W. Johnson

Light, non-sticky, natural styling lotion for curly hair. “Luster Locks” gives your hair life and tightens your curls. It supports the body and life of your hair without compromising the health of the hair. A little goes a long way.

Luster Locks (Light, non-sticky, natural styling lotion for curly hair)
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I use Luster Locks every day as a styling product and to keep my hair healthy and shiny. I have wavy to curly hair and when I use it as a styling product it brings up the wave and curl that blow drying tends to flatten out.  The secondary benefit of this product is that it makes my hair healthy and shiny.  Sometimes I spray it on before bed so I can wake up with soft, thick and shiny hair.  I'm still awed by the fact that it's a styling product and yet keeps my hair healthy.  The trick to using this product for styling is not to spray on too much.  Just a couple of sprays is enough.  
Way to go Linda!"

Martha Sgriccia - Los Angeles, CA

Grow Thicker and bountiful tresses via brushing

I am proud to announce that I have finally found the best hairbrush to assist in actually making your hair thicker. This is the hair gardening tool you never had.

Widu Brush - Solid Ash Wood Handle with Wooden Bristles
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A hand made Italian brush, flawless in it’s design.This remarkable brush persuades your hair to grow. Wooden bristles gently massage the scalp and move your natural oils through out your hair. This brush effortlessly assist in the support of good blood circulation, excess sebum absorption and the removal scalp impurities, by means of a thorough scalp massage.

Linda Kammins

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