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Daily Shine Shampoo
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Daily Shine Shampoo

This shampoo is truly amazing at bringing back the full beautiful potential of your hair.

Noticeably improving quality
texture and shine after one shampoo!

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Floral Waters
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Floral Waters

Delightful fresh floral waters, made from orange peel and precious rose petals with a touch of essential oils.

A refreshing Aromatherapy experience!

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Essential Solar Elixir Body Oil
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Essential Solar Elixir
Body Oil

A genuine feel good treatment, after bath or shower, for an all over glow.

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Natural Fiber Washcloth
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Natural Fiber WashclothStreet

This unique natural fiber cloth made from the agave plant also known as the century plant. Hand made by indigenous artisans who have been weaving these cloths for centuries.

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